Mobile APP Development Services

IOS App Development Services

Here at MLN Infotech we are proud to continually provide our clients with a unique and up-to-date approach towards their mobile application ambitions.
MLN's team provide the right balance of services when developing fluid and interactive applications. Our solid core proposition is important for building a mobile business model that must constantly adapt and update to satisfy modern product needs.
With a wide range of competencies, MLN is prepared for creating rich applications for all current smart phone and tablet platforms.

Each system is driving innovation with their competitiveness to shine in the new digital paradigm:

  • Apple and their market defining iPhone and iPad environments.
  • Androids with it's steady growth of user focused features.
  • Blackberry and it's concrete position in business.
  • Windows Phone 7 consistently representing what it is to be original.

With teams working in different disciplines, we try to share cross-platform with specific drivers and methods to establish a technical discourse that disrupts and challenges our own understanding.

Mobile Web

HTML5 applications with JavaScript are quickly becoming the most popular and supported technology in the world wide web. Mobile web applications and website alike are opting into this technology because not only is it supported by almost all existing mobile platforms but it allows for creative and extensive multiple platform development. MLN Infotech can cater for mobile web apps, micro sites, independent mobile sites, and more importantly, responsive web design development. Our engineers can take your whole project or existing development and tailor it for the mobile revolution; future proofing your content against the introduction of disparate mobile device resolutions and creating seamless backwards compatibility right from the start.

iPhone Development

With the iPhone SDK on their tool belt, and a constant look out for emerging developer resources, our iOS development team works hard to maintain best practices whilst keeping price at a competitive mark. They'll strike a balance between the best native APIs made available by Apple, use of the newest web technologies, and the utilisation of intelligent and well established library resources. Keeping a sense of how the end-user will be using their handset day-to-day maintains that the outcome is always creative and ever practical.

Android Development

Google's industry spearheading Android platform is proving to be a rich, user conscious environment to which our developers are constantly maturing in much the same way. With the wealth and history of Java development to draw upon, our Android developers are a deeply knowledgable team. From entertainment applications to fully integrated business suites, approaching new challenges within this current expansion is something we must thrive on. Android handset makers are quickly adopting new technologies — WiFi Direct and NFC to name a couple — and breathing new life into innovation and entrepreneurism.MLN aspires to extend these behaviours into our client's applications as well as our own endeavours.

BlackBerry Development

MLN Infotech's BlackBerry engineers are candid and pragmatic about application engineering and its security. With a solid foundation in business acumen, they are among the most diligent analysts you'll come across in the mobile domain. BlackBerry development can have some of the most demanding and sophisticated client requirements. With such strong competition, it is a pleasure to be privy to the unique and cost effective solutions MLN Infotech's BlackBerry team is shaping for enterprise and consumers alike. BlackBerry is a persistent force, with its practical tools and utilities it drives MLN Infotech's propensity to build robust, solid functionality into every application, keeping our software both extensible and patently scalable.

Windows Phone Development

MLN is aching for Windows Phone 7 to get the recognition it deserves. With a great set of development tools and a unique take on the mobile interface, the platform is slowly becoming a fresh and interesting player in the mobile device space. With the integration of Windows Phone into the desktop and cloud environment, MLN's experienced, design focused development team are set to start making waves on this emerging platform. We can't wait to show you what this budding new operating system can make of your project aspirations.

iPad Development

Apple's tablet is quickly becoming the exciting device to develop for. MLN has been building iOS applications with all three Apple device's support since that unforgettable day we all learnt the ‘magical' word iPad. A clear understanding of interface layout design, autoresizing and user-situational orientation analysis means we have grown to specialise in developing for iPad. The device's specific interface elements, multi-platform deployment scenarios and business' need to port iPhone applications to the iPad environment has helped us evolve in developing high definition tablet applications that our clients and users can't wait to get their hands on.